Writer In Motion Prompt Reveal

brown concrete house on green grass field near mountain during daytime
Writer in Motion Prompt August 2020, available here: https://unsplash.com/photos/CDrP01O2n-w

The Writer in Motion prompt was just revealed ten minutes ago (as I’m writing this) and I wanted to jot down my initial thoughts and ideas before I start working on the first draft which is due August 8th.

Initial thoughts:

An unexpected find in the middle of nowhere. It’s uphill, almost like somebody has been walking for a while to finally see their destination or a complete surprise. They’re not alone out here.

Who does it belong to? Is it abandoned? Occupied? A house or some kind of other structure? Is it truly that tiny or are there hidden depths and floors? Where does the electricity come from? What’s behind it? More wilderness or a city nestled in a valley in between?

So far my ideas are revolving on a more literal interpretation of the prompt. Maybe the character has been on a long journey to the location, or encounters an unknown obstacle. Or maybe relieved to come home after a long day of work. Or perhaps returning to a place they’ve tried to forget, and are hesitant on entering.

Several ideas that I get to work through the next few days and see where they take me. What characters and story they inspire, and if I can develop a good story under 1,000 words.

Those are my initial thoughts for now. For more information on Writer in Motion please check out their site: https://writerinmotion.com/2020/08/01/writer-in-motion-kickoff-the-prompt/

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