Final Thoughts Before Showcase & Managing Expectation

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A brief reminder… This is just MY journey, and other mentee experiences may vary. I do not speak for every mentee, mentor, Pitch Wars, or their board. If you have no idea what Pitch Wars is, I just you check out one of my previous posts. A basic recap of those posts is that I was chosen by Laura E. Weymouth as her Pitch Wars 2021 Mentee.

T’was the night before the Pitch Wars showcase, and the scent of waffles had finally dissipated from the kitchen.

At least for Young Adult. Adult and Middle Grade have already dropped and they’re all awesome. You should go read:

I thought I wouldn’t be nervous in the lead up. Yet on Tuesday, the eve of the showcase, I had a minor freak-out over something not showcase-related. I’m better now, but it made me realize I wasn’t as nerve-free as I thought. Tonight I’m just anxious for it all to be over with. It’s been a blast cheering on my fellow mentees as they celebrated requests, but I’m ready to celebrate or commiserate with them.

I don’t know how the showcase is going to go. Sure, I’ve run through a dozen scenarios in my mind. Getting all the requests. Getting none. Getting requests, but ultimately rejections. Shelving my MS completely, starting a new project and never getting this far again.

The last couple are bummers, but it’s how I cope. I’ve always come so close to things, only to have them slip away. By keeping my expectations low, disappointment hurts less. It’s how I managed my expectations going into Pitch Wars and it worked. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a request and even more when I actually got in.

So for the showcase, I’ll be happy if I get one request. I’ll be ecstatic if they ‘re an agent on my list. But if not, I’ll be okay. I still have my newly revised MS, and a pretty decent list of agents to query next week. Even if this book doesn’t get me any requests, an agent, or even make it to sub, I’ll be okay. I don’t know where my writing journey will go, but I do know it’s not over yet.

This is short, but I’ll be playing Pokémon Arceus for the next few hours until the showcase drops. I still need to get back to my tips for entering a mentorship series, but I also plan on doing a post once the showcase closes summarizing my experience.

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