Whether you stumbled onto my site thanks to a search engine, came across it accidentally because you’re bored and need something to read, or on the rare chance you actually looked for my site on purpose, I welcome you.

I’m planning on updating this site a little to expand into all of my creative sides— writing, engineering, and quilting in the coming months, including a page to keep track of Writer in Motion.

Alright, onto a little bit about me. I’ve been writing stories since I could read, and it did get me to a state competition— in first grade. My writing has been published— in my local newspaper. I have experience as an editor— of my high school newspaper. Not major writing accomplishments, but I was paid for my writing at one point and have some experience with writing and critiquing work. Experience that has aided me as a beta reader and critique partner.

In high school I’d check out a book from the library before school started and have it finished by the end of the day. My senior pictures were taken at a library as were my engagement pictures, my wedding had a slight book theme… you get the idea. As far as I can remember, I’ve had ideas for stories and have made attempts at writing my own book. Honestly, that first grade book has probably been my most successful so far. In Jr. High I wrote a crack/parody series that I e-mailed to my friends,  but it wasn’t that great looking back. I started at least half a dozen different stories in high school, but never made it past five pages.

So I gave up and accepted the fact writing fiction just wasn’t in the cards for me. When I graduated from high school I choose to pursue a major in the Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) field. In 2019, I passed the Principles and Practices of Engineering Exam (P.E.) and got my professional license in 2020. Honestly, the moment I saw the little green pass check-mark is one of my proudest accomplishments. The major reason why I was so quiet last year on this blog was because I was studying for the PE and two other professional exams (which I also passed).

But, back to college.

It was during finals week my junior year that I started to get back to writing.  I had a friend who was complaining about a lack of fics in a favorite fandom of hers. That’s when I decided to try writing my first fic. Writing fanfiction got me back into writing, and also taught me valuable lessons about the writing process, making me realize why I failed so much back in high school. My writing has improved over the years since my initial fic, and I’m hoping to use what I’ve learned to finally publish an original novel. Additionally, I hope to give others insight on lessons I learned the hard way so they don’t have to.

Quilting and sewing is a newer hobby of mine that I stated in 2017. I’d just gotten engaged and wanted to make zippered pouches for my bridesmaid which matched their dresses as a wedding gift. The only issue was I’d never sewn before in my life. Crochet yes, sewing no. An issue which was quickly amended by taking a few classes. Those classes turned into more classes which turned into a stash of fabric and projects, along with a new appreciation for the women who managed to make beautiful works of art without the aid of modern conveniences. That admiration turned into inspiration for my current WIP.

Feel free to send suggestions for topics or books you wish for me to cover, or simply follow my journey to publication.

Thanks for reading,

— Kay S. Beckett